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Discover your Dutchness

Would you like to see where your family is from but don’t know where to begin? Many Americans, Australians and Canadians can trace their family origins back to the Netherlands. An exploration of your family history? Dutch Heritage Travel takes you on a customized (guided) tour to your place of origin and lets you see what your forebears saw. During this immersive experience, you get to see all the sights, hear the sounds, feel the wind in your face, and take in the smells of the Netherlands. Take in the unique Dutch landscape, immerse yourself in Dutch culture, cuisine, and customs. Walk, cycle, drive, or float in your forefathers’ tracks, and discover how their character traits and humor (and maybe yours too!) fit right in.

Bring to Life Memories of World War II

Was one of your parents or grandparents stationed here as a soldier during World War II? Would you like to visit the places of their stories, or follow the route they took? Dutch Heritage Travel helps you put together an itinerary with the clues you provide. Learn all about the implications of the war, and how it affected the Dutch and your relatives. Visit the solemn Canadian war cemetery In the peaceful forests of Rijssen-Holten, for instance. The Dutch are well-aware of, and forever grateful for what the Allied forces did for our country. It is commemorated through solemn ceremonies every year, with its peak around Memorial Day on May the 4th.

Dutch Heritage Travel can help you find information about your heritage. A customized tour can be organized (non-guided, guided or semi-guided). New memories can be made!


Information about Your Dutch Heritage?

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