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The Netherlands

Windmills, tulips, clogs, sure, and... bicycles! The Netherlands crams a wealth of cultural treats in an area less than half the size of Maine. And the best way to live and breathe it is the Dutch way; by bicycle. To the people of the Netherlands, cycling is second nature. You can make it yours as well! For the Dutch, it is both a practical means of transportation and a favorite leisurely pastime. And totally safe, too. Every sight is within cycling distance. In fact, EVERYTHING is. There is no better way to truly sense Dutch life.

Imagine this: a country with 22.5 million bicycles for just 17 million people. A country so flat, your steepest obstacle is a speed bump. A country with separate, designated bike lanes and highways. If you’re lucky, even the wind will help you pedal. Learn from your dedicated guide how this tiny country full of tall people has subdued the elements. 
Now, let’s discover why the Netherlands are also a sweet tooth’s heaven. Sit down for a lovely cup of steaming coffee, and try the tastiest apple pie you’ve ever tickled your taste buds with! Want a beer instead? No problem! Some of the world’s most famous brews originate here. Sounds good? Just wait till you try!

The Netherlands or Holland, which is it?
The Kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of 12 provinces. Two of these are called North and South Holland. You’ll probably land there, as our biggest airport, Schiphol, is slam-dunk in the middle of both Holland provinces. Covering most of the coastal area, these two used to be the most important provinces for international trade. Rotterdam in South Holland, for instance, long used to be the biggest seaport in the world. So you see why Holland could easily become synonymous for the Netherlands as a whole. Still, people from the other provinces prefer to call it the Netherlands. And we want to show you the Netherlands, not just Holland!

Dutch Heritage Travel mainly concentrates on the eastern part of the Netherlands, the province of Gelderland and Overijssel. Also called the most bike friendly area of the Netherlands.Dotted with charming villages and pittoresque cities. The Veluwe,is one of the oldest National Parks in the country. And along the river IJssel, hanseatic towns are located. The Hanseatic league was a traders union in the 14th and 15th century which lead to enormous wealth. You can still see the rich history when you visit these romantic cities with great views over the meandering river. The Achterhoek region is characterized by small farm villages and castles. During the middle ages these castles were used as a chic retreat or to withstand attack from the enemy.

For years domestic tourism has been an important part of local economy but more incoming tourists escape the busy western part of our country and find their way to this magnificent area!

What are the Dutch like?
The Dutch have an open economy and are great exporters. They are open minded and pragmatic. They are rather direct, honest in their dealings with others. The Dutch are known for their tolerant attitudes.

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