12-19 September 2020

Meet the beautiful east of the Netherlands! This idyllic region harbors a wealth of estates, castles, forests, rivers, and historic Hanseatic cities. It is commonly hailed as the best region for cycling in the Netherlands! Some of the cycling routes go back as far as 1913! Discover typically Dutch traditions such as flower parades and traditional wear, and sink your teeth in our deliciously sweet pancakes. Of course, you will learn about the renowned Dutch water management, and you will witness first-hand how the Dutch have embraced life near water.

Holiday Highlights

Day 1: Arrival in Zutphen
In the morning, you will be welcomed in your Zutphen hotel. We will take a short bike ride around Zutphen. An experienced city guide will show you around the historic Hanseatic city in the evening.

Day 2: Lichtenvoorde Flower Parade 
For over 80 years now, Lichtenvoorde has been hosting the annual Dahlia Parade, featuring impressive floats sporting a grand total of more than 4 million colorful dahlias. We will be exploring the Lichtenvoorde area, watch the Parade, visit an open-air museum for an impression of rural life in the east of the Netherlands and try some very special bikes! The day comes to a close with Dutch pancakes, in a traditional pancake restaurant.

Day 3: Castle bike ride in Zutphen Area 
In the 14th Century, the current province of Gelderland was a duchy. Gelderland now has the highest number of cities and castles from the Middle Ages in the Netherlands. We will pedal through this beautiful region to discover some of its highlights. We will take a tour in a castle which is still privately owned. And we visit a museum which is located in a castle.  Immerse yourself in this region’s history!

Dag 4: Bronckhorst  
Bronckhorst is known as the smallest town in the Netherlands. With just 150 inhabitants, this picturesque little town with its central church is well worth your visit. Situated on the local river’s floodplains, we will cross over by ferry to get there. About time we tasted some local specialties, don’t you think?

Dag 5: Deventer
As we leave Zutphen, we pedal along the IJssel river towards the Hanseatic city of Deventer. An intriguing City of Books and of Deventer Koek (cookies).We’ll be there early, so you’ll have plenty of time to look around. During your Evening City Walk, you’ll learn everything about this remarkable historic city, and its centuries-old river trade.

Day 6: Staphorst and Giethoorn 
Staphorst is renowned for its traditional costume with its characteristic, decorative Staphorster Dot Work. Today we’ll also discover Giethoorn, the Venice of the North. With its 18th Century houses, the old village does not have any roads (except for a narrow bicycle lane, of course). All aboard! We will take a boat ride! With characteristic bridges connecting the village to the mainland, Giethoorn harbors romantic lakes, a wide variety of birds, and splendid natural views.

Day 7: Fortmond Area
Today, we’ll experience the force of the river, and a source of Dutch pride: harvesting and controlling it. At De Haere Estate dating from 1559, we’ll be visiting an English garden with a big sundial, but also the IJssel Line, a range of defense bunkers, constructed after WWII. Kept a secret until as late as 1990, this line could be flooded deliberately, to slow down any possible invaders.
When the IJssel is at its highest, the hamlet of Fortmond is inaccessible by car or bike. From its watch tower, we’ll have a clear view of the latest developments against the rising river tides. After crossing the river per ferry, we’ll meander along the IJssel, back to Deventer for a chance to buy souvenirs.

Day 8: End of tour

Holiday Schedule
1.Sat Arrival Zutphen, Test ride 15 km 10 mi
2.Sun Flower Parade Bus Bus
  Ride on a family bike 20 km 12 mi
3.Mon Zutphen area (castle) 48 km 30 mi
4.Tue Bronckhorst area 35 km 21 mi
5.Wed Deventer area 30 km 18 mi
6.Thu Staphorst and Giethoorn (bus) bus bus
7.Fri Fortmond area 42 km 26 mi
8.Sat Departure    



€1850,-  per person

Group booking (16 persons) €1550,- per person

What’s included? 

  • Stay in 4 star hotels centrally located (based on twin/double room, supplement for single room)
  • Breakfast, (packed) lunch, dinner (a drink included
  • Entrance fees
  • Ferry fees
  • Bicycle with pannier bag (supplement for electrical bike)
  • Tour guide and local guides
  • Printed instructions

What’s not included?

  • Drinks during your lunches and dinners not mentioned in the program
  • Traveling to and from your tour
  • Gratuities for your guides, coach driver and other staff


Practical information

Fly to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Local Train:
Take the train to Zutphen. Trains run every half hour. It takes 1.45 minutes to Zutphen 

The Netherlands enjoys a maritime climate (in general; mild winters, cool summers). Dutch weather differs per season. Generally Dutch summers are warm but not too hot. There is no clear dry or wet season. It rains throughout the year, however the amount of rain that falls is nothing compared to the tropics. Check local weather conditions prior to departure to see if you need to bring your rain gear.

The hotels we stay in are not far from the train station.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. During dinner water is included, and two consumptions are included.

Extra Stay:
Extra nights are upon request

Your tours are always guided and in small groups (max 16 persons). Your tour guide is with the group the whole tour. City Walks are mostly done by local city guides.

Skill level:
Our tours are perfect for those who love to cycle leisurely. It’s flat terrain which is ideal for average cyclists. Sloping hills are rare and easily cycled. When you are in doubt or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You will bike on a 7 gear tour bike.
There are also electric bikes available. E-bikes feature a small electric engine and battery that assist and ease your pedaling. So it is easier, but you still have to pedal.You could compare it to having a tailwind. There is a surcharge for these electric bikes.
Tours are done with only 'regular'bikes or with only e-bikes. 
During the tour you will receive bike panniers (for your lunch package, water bottle and bag). All bikes have locks.

A helmet is not obligated in The Netherlands. Ofcourse you are free to bring your own helmet.

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