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Dutch Heritage Travel incorporates the sights and stories that matter to you into a tour of the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience of our country! We offer you a product selected with great care. Dutch Heritage Travel values personal contact,- offers experienced guides and extensive information about your vacation.

Dutch Heritage Travel came into existence out of passion for the Netherlands and the rich heritage this small country offers, especially the eastern part. It was founded in 2016, by Ilse Oolthuis. With over 15 years of professional guiding experience under my belt, I know my way around all the undiscovered gems of the country. Some parts of the Netherlands are still largely left untouched by foreign tourists while these are so worth the visits!

About ‘your Dutch heritage’
During my time as a guide, I noticed many Americans and Canadians had a personal connection with the Netherlands. Be it through their heritage, or because of some other personal story. Many existing tour operators cannot cater to these deeply personal bonds, and give a more superficial impression of the country. I wanted to be able to show people their exact place of origin, tell them everything they need to know about it, and offer them a life experience.

Do you want to discover how Dutch history and culture match with your own life story? Or would like to look beyond the standard sights of the Netherlands? Then contact us, and book your tour with us today.

"Kalm an", or take it easy

That's the motto of the east of the Netherlands where I grew up.
Of course it was wasted on me when I was young. 
I took the countryside, the castles, the monumental towns for granted. I wanted to see the world, live abroad. And I did. But via Amsterdam I returned to my roots, only to appreciate them even more.

I love to share the sights and peculiarities of this region with you. Of course by bike, kalm an."

Ilse Oolthuis

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